Empowering pilots to be effective agents of change within communities where we fly.


Our Mission

The Cloudbase Foundation works to equip free flight pilots with best practices, support, and training, to effectively engage with their community and accomplish their altruistic goals though singular events and long-term projects. Through Cloudbase Foundation projects and grants, pilots integrate into communities in which they fly to develop strong relationships and stay connected to the local need. Communities are able to partner with project leaders to solve challenges and maximize opportunities within their own communities. Pilots and supporters donate resources, time, and talent to generously impact the communities in which they fly in locations across the world.

Benefits of working with the CBF

Hang gliding and paragliding pilots have chosen to work with the Cloudbase Foundation (CBF) for nearly a decade for many reasons, including:

  • Access to state of the art fundraising technology. The CBF has secured technology that allows pilots to efficiently promote their campaigns, collect donations from donors, and keep donors updated.

  • No fees! 100% of funds donated by donors are being allocated to the project.

  • Access to the CBF’s social media outlets. The CBF manages online communications with thousands of pilots and donors around the world.

  • Tax Deductible Donations: Use of the CBF’s non-profit status enables donors to receive tax deductions for their donations to approved projects.

  • Matching grant potential. The CBF Board of Directors selects some projects to award matching grants of up to 100% of what is raised. The amount depends on the current CBF budget and the uniqueness of the project.