Dear Pilot,

This application form was developed by the board of directors of the Cloudbase Foundation (CBF) in order to gather sufficient information to determine if the pilot’s proposed project meets the criteria set out in the articles of incorporation of the CBF. Projects must be initiated by either hang gliding or paragliding pilots, be deemed to have charitable intent, and must have a focus of serving communities near paragliding or hang gliding sites. The projects cannot have a focus on teaching either paragliding or hang gliding. You may request a grant from the CBF to assist with fundraising. Projects with a sustainable nature and that serve children’s needs will have a preferential consideration when it comes to matching funds from the CBF.

The CBF board of directors is made up of volunteer pilots, who aim to review and vote on applications as quickly as possible. Typically applications are reviewed within a couple of weeks. If approved, one of the CBF Board members will work with you to create a project “Campaign” on the CBF website, which provides project information and a fundraising platform. We can also assist with publicity of the project to the CBF community of pilots.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please email us from the About Us section above. If you are interested in starting a project, please submit the below form

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Name of Project Leader
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